Green Sheep Water is “bottled water but waaaay better”. Its flagship product is still water sourced from a glacial aquifer that comes in 100% recyclable aluminum bottles that offer a better end-of-life prospect and keep plastic out of landfills and oceans. Since launching a year and a half ago, well over 100,000 plastic bottles have been diverted from the waste stream.
They have just completed a redesign of their still water label. This redesign was paired with the simultaneous launch of their new sparkling water product, which comes packaged in equally eye-catching aluminum bottles that compliment the still water design and are completely unique to the category.
Regarding the updated label for the still water, CEO Nicole Doucet explains, “We know that our eco-friendly aluminum bottles are unique, and while they offer a multitude of benefits, sometimes consumers are looking for more direction on what’s actually inside the bottle. With this update, which includes a much larger “WATER” label, along with a set of icons explaining the benefits and a generally more refined look, it should be abundantly clear.”
Green Sheep Sparkling is the first premium U.S.-made sparkling water in aluminum bottles. This new Green Sheep Water line marries delicious, glacial aquifer-sourced, refreshingly bubbly water with sustainability. Packaged in Ball Corp.’s 16-ounce Alumi-tek bottles, they’re 100% recyclable and cut down on transportation emissions since they’re made and distributed right here in the U.S. and don’t have to be shipped across oceans, like the majority of premium sparkling water products on the market.
“With our new Green Sheep Sparkling Water, we’re really hitting on a pain-point of other products in the category. Water is something consumers want to take with them on-the-go, so the ability to reclose the packaging and throw it in your bag is really important,” says COO Jess Page. “We also know that consumers value sustainability, and shipping water over from Europe certainly isn’t very Earth-friendly. That’s why we created an American-made, perfectly carbonated, high-quality water that delivers the same incredibly refreshing taste as those imported brands, without the wasted fuel.”
Green Sheep Water can be found in a selection of grocery stores, cafés, and quick-service-restaurants around the country. Learn more at and
Designed by: Green Sheep, USA.
Green Sheep

Green Sheep Water 2.0

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