Grattus Craft Beer

Packaging | 2014

We love our clients. And we love beer. Why not combine them?
Grattus comes from the latin word “Gratus” which means “to be grateful”. This pack is all about love, passion for what we do and craftsmanship. Every single piece in this project was hand-made with care by us to our most valued clients because we believe that beer brings people together, strengthens their bonds and paves the way to happier times.

We decided to go with a clean gold and silver silkscreened label, a custom-made pinewood box with a gold interior and laser engraved cork coaster.

Designed by: Miguel CarraçaFlávio Miguel SantosHalfazebra Studio, Portugal.


Grattus Craft Beer

Grattus Craft Beer2

Grattus Craft Beer3

Grattus Craft Beer4

Grattus Craft Beer5

Grattus Craft Beer6

Grattus Craft Beer7

Grattus Craft Beer8

Grattus Craft Beer9


Grattus Craft Beer

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