Building a fragrance and beauty brand inspired by someone I knew intimately, I used my own mother as the inspiration to create a primary and secondary package system—developing a brand that was for mothers everywhere.

Aimère is a combination of two French words: ‘aimer’, meaning ‘to love,’ and ‘mère’, translating to ‘mother’. This became the essence of the brand’s story. At Aimère, we love our moms. Loving mom is our number one priority. That is why we provide moms everywhere with spa and beauty products that nurture mom so that she may continue to nurture us.

The design takes a minimal typographic approach combined with elegant hand–drawn script and beautiful illustrated elements. Both the bottles and the packaging feature silver metallic treatments. The overall design references simple, elegant home decor, and contemporary—yet practical—women’s fashion.

Sweet Escape #14, is inspired by my mother’s early childhood growing up on Owasco Lake. During the Summer—also her favorite season—she would escape to the shore to skip rocks. The fragrance features her favorite number, and the package reflects the same shape as the bottle: tall, skinny, elegant and simple.

Beautiful Day #11, is inspired by my mother’s engagement on April 11th when she discover her engagement ring under a rock on the same shore of Owasco Lake. The gift package remains tall and rectangular but opens sideways with a ribbon pull-tab and features a tab locking system so the inside compartment holding the products will never slip out.

Influenced by mother nature, Aimère believes mom wears her scent—it doesn’t wear her. Providing moms everywhere with fragrance smells that settle on a woman’s skin naturally, our products are light and caring—evoking natural memories. Our lotions and fragrances are made from pure, trustworthy ingredients that help protect mom’s delicate and sensitive skin the same way she protects us.

Designed by: Alex Kinal Wagner, USA.


















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