Designed by: Chesmond Hiew, Malaysia.

Grandeur is an Australian based label of chocolate truffles. Their product provides high end luxury packaging and luxurious chocolate truffles.
The main project was to make a luxurious packaging design for chocolate truffles and design an identity for the brand. Instead of just making it looks good, we need to consider about whether if its practical for a chocolate packaging. Design idea was to combine the minimalism and providing the high standard of luxurious to the packaging.
The design of the identity was a combination of a monogram and type. The direction of the logo is minimalism mixed elegant. As for the packaging the direction was going for elegant as well. The colour that is chosen was Royal Blue blending with the white colour bellyband. As for the chocolate holder, using a specialty paper in black enhancing the whole packaging with the luxurious look.
Grandeur 1
Grandeur 2
Grandeur 3
Grandeur 4
Grandeur 5
Grandeur 6

Grandeur Chocolate Truffles Luxury Packaging

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