BrandOpus have worked with family owned Ice Blocks! to develop Flyin’ Fox: a new, distinctive presence for the brand.
Founded in 2009 and at the forefront of the small-batch artisan ice block movement, the company has reinterpreted this Australian tradition, hand crafting their award winning ice blocks in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. The brand’s ice blocks are all natural, and made from carefully selected fruit, nuts or dairy, and unlike other brands within the marketplace, they contain no additives whatsoever, and are often organic.
The pre-Federation tradition of ice blocks has seen a resurgence in recent years, but within an increasingly competitive market having a quality product was no longer enough to differentiate the brand. Furthermore, the Ice Blocks! name was not trademarkable, leaving the brand vulnerable. An opportunity to strengthen the brand’s visual identity was identified, and BrandOpus were appointed to create a unique and distinctive role for the brand, in order to drive standout and differentiation within the market.
BrandOpus were briefed to evoke how the brand uses only the very best, seasonal ingredients in their ice blocks, in an ownable way. In response the agency brought the concept to life by developing the Flyin’ Fox: a cheeky character who swings from grove to forest, gathering together the very best, natural ingredients.
The Flyin’ Fox identity incorporates an angular word mark, that gives the impression of having been hewn out of a block of ice with a chisel, and maintains links to the previous brand presence. The identity is a constant across each product in the wide portfolio, as is the wood-block style variant mark, and the subtle silhouette of Mount Warning, a nod to Flyin’ Fox’s Murwillumbah provenance.
Flyin’ Fox founder Benna Holland, said, “We’re thrilled with the new identity and pack design that BrandOpus have created for our brand. Flyin’ Fox now boasts better stand out on shelf, with a design that reinforces our approach: making the tastiest ice blocks using the best quality, ripest ingredients.”
“In a fast growing market such as ice blocks it was important to identify a defining idea that underpins the brand’s values and attributes and brings them to life visually. We worked to accentuate what makes Flyin’ Fox unique: it’s handcrafted, all natural, real fruit proposition is more recognisable following the redesign”said Kieren Thorpe, creative director at BrandOpus’ Melbourne studio.
The Flyin’ Fox identity is activated across the inner and outer packaging, point of sale materials such as branded freezers and on-street advertising from 9th December.
Designed by BrandOpus, Australia.
Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox
Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox2
Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox3
Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox4

Flyin’ Fox Ice Blox

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