Sahti is a traditional beer from Finland made from a variety of grains. It is homebrewed all over the country and usually served locally, but some brands have become available nationwide. The biggest player is Finlandia Sahti. Unfortunately the branding and packaging for Finlandia Sahti is desperately out of date, and fails to reflect both the strong heritage and quality of the drink.
So we took it upon ourselves to dust off the old stag and revive what we saw as a brand with massive potential. To differentiate the Finlandia Sahti reindeer from many other stag logos (i.e. Jaegermeister, Glenfiddich) we adorned it with grain antlers. The pop top is not just practical, but gives the bottle a pair of antlers as well. It was important to keep the design simple and rustic, to echo the straight-talking and down-to-earth character of the Finnish countryside where this Sahti is brewed.
Designed by BTL Brands, United Kingdom / Spain.
Finlandia Sahti
Finlandia Sahti 2
Finlandia Sahti 3
Finlandia Sahti 4

Finlandia Sahti Redesigned (Concept)

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