For Fiasco Artisan Gelato, packaging is more than a simple container for their product, it is something that tells their story and communicates the quality of their craft.

“At Fiasco much of our success stems from the support of our customers who share the same values as us; artisan handcrafted work that is filled with love, passion, and creativity. Our goods are made with attention to detail and quality, making it natural for us to create packaging designs that share who we are.

We are excited to announce the rollout of our new pint packaging! The clear material of the pints allow us to share the true beauty of the work inside. Our rich ingredients and no added colour show the passion in each handpacked pint. Having twist-off lids on these reusable jars preserve freshness, while also aligning with our values and love for the environment. To give our gelato-lovers what they deserve, we increased the container volume by 20%.

In our constant and unwavering pursuit for greatness, the Fiasco family is committed to enriching peoples lives one tiny spoonful at a time; we just happen to do it by making gelato.”

via Fiasco Artisan Gelato, Canada.
Fiasco Artisan Gelato
Fiasco Artisan Gelato2
Fiasco Artisan Gelato3
Fiasco Artisan Gelato4
Fiasco Artisan Gelato5
Fiasco Artisan Gelato6
Fiasco Artisan Gelato7

Fiasco Artisan Gelato

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