For this project ShumiLoveDesign has once again acted as a brand developer, expanding the product line according to the common style of the trademark. Moreover, the agency had to reflect the unique character of this dry Brut by creating special visual content, which would embody the product’s elegance and leave no one indifferent.
The visual solution developed by the agency’s specialists follows the brand’s unique style. At the same time, certain innovations have been introduced in order to make the product truly unique. The common element, of course, is the ellipsis sign, which is common for the brand in general, serves as an eye-stopper and emphasizes the elegance and high level of the trademark. The unique element for this product is the solution of using a three-piece construction for the label, each piece connected with each of the dots of the ellipsis in the brand’s logo. Combined with the black-and-bronze color scheme, neat graphic elements and overall visual temperance, this solutions look stylish, elegant, light and airy. The agency has also carried out a set of photo shoots that allowed to reflect the unique and sensual character of the drink as well as the special style of its visual presentation.
Designed by: Rafael Poloni, Brasil.

Et Cetera Spumante

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