Designed by: Sinyi Pan, Malaysia.


‘Wonderfully Made’ is a small soap business run by my mother with the purpose to diminish the usage of harmful commercial soap with natural handmade soap. The concept behind the packaging was inspired by an eraser. In a light of the fact that the function of an eraser is similar to a soap, for they both have the ability to clean dirt. Hence, the soap’s packaging was designed like an eraser, with the tagline —Erase Off Your Dirt. The packaging was designed to look bold, trendy and hipster in order to attract the targeted audience— teenagers, young adults and adults. Due to the fact that younger generation has the ability to encourage and influence people to start using natural soap. Pastel colours were used as the main colours in the primary soap packaging in order to balance out the boldness of the tagline and design.


Eraser-Inspired Soap12

Eraser-Inspired Soap11

Eraser-Inspired Soap10

Eraser-Inspired Soap9

Eraser-Inspired Soap8

Eraser-Inspired Soap7

Eraser-Inspired Soap6

Eraser-Inspired Soap5

Eraser-Inspired Soap4

Eraser-Inspired Soap2

Eraser-Inspired Soap1




Eraser-Inspired Soap

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