Graduation project.

Eau naturel is a perfume that isn’t quite like other perfumes: it’s simple, pure and it cannot lie. We ended up with this economic crisis because a lot of people, like bankers and also people like you and me weren’t honest to each other. Corruption had become the order of the day. We really made a big mess of it. It’s time for a change. This is the reason why the idea of Eau naturel came to mind. This perfume stands as a symbol for honesty and a new beginning. It gives us that breath of fresh air we need so much right now. Eau naturel is honest because the packaging is made of eco-friendly materials, it has an honest price tag and Eau naturel didn’t use Photoshop for the people in the advert campaign. 
Designed by: Suzanne Janssen, Netherlands.
Eau naturel
Eau naturel2
Eau naturel3
Eau naturel4
Eau naturel5
Eau naturel6
Eau naturel7
Eau naturel8
Eau naturel9

Eau Naturel

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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