Dr. Vulture’s Organ Tonic was inspired by a desire to incorporate a recent fascination with classical medical illustration and a longstanding love of dark and bitter beer. The two concepts complement each other nicely, both with wordplay and with the conceptual interplay between the idea of a medical tonic and
the effects of alcohol on the body.

The inspiration was drawn from Victorian-era medicine bottles and the often dubious claims of health benefits that they offered. When contextualized as beer branding, this concept becomes a cheeky nod to the “therapeutic” nature of a relaxing evening with a strong beer after a hard day of work. 
Designed by: Sam Bullis, Canada.
Dr. Vulture's Organ Tonic
Dr. Vulture's Organ Tonic3
Dr. Vulture's Organ TonicMAIN

Dr. Vulture's Organ Tonic

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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