To develop a takeaway packaging for Donut’s Club Cafe. The packaging should form positive attitude towards the brand and keep pleasant experience after visiting the cafe.
To create on the package a fabulous magical world worth seeing even after consumption of the product.
There was only one limitation given by the client — no heroes or any other characters on the package. Therefore donuts became the basis of the landscape, small details were made ​​of glaze, flouring and sugar powder. The moments of overflowing of one object to another became almost elusive in this complicated space, so it’s interesting to consider the package in the details.
Bright and attractive package which works for customer loyalty to the products of the cafe.
Donut’s Club Cafe (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)
Design by “Brandiziac“, Russia.
Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Eugeniy Kalashnikov
Illustrator: Sergey Ermakov
Account Manager: Natalia Paklina
Donut's Club
Donut's Club2
Donut's Club3
Donut's Club4
Donut's Club5
Donut's Club6
Donut's Club7
Donut's Club8
Donut's Club9
Donut's Club10
Donut's Club11
Donut's Club12

Donut's Club

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