The London Distillery Company have launched Dodd’s gin, crafted at their new distillery in Batter sea, London. They worked with United Creatives to create branding and designed bottle labels.
The gin is distilled in “Christina,” a traditional copper alembic. The gin is then hand-bottled before the labels are numbered and applied to the bottles. So opting for letterpress labels continues the hand crafted theme.
The labels are printed three colors on our Heidelberg platens then “kiss-cut” to shape making them easy to peel off and apply to the bottles.
Designed by United Creatives, Redcar, UK
Printed by Blush Publishing Limited, Greenfield, UK
Dodd's Grin1
Dodd's Grin2
Dodd's Grin3
Dodd's Grin4
Dodd's Grin5
Dodd's Grin

Dodd's Gin

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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