Packaging Culture challenges artists to design and produce a brand and packaging for an object that is symbolic of a country and its culture.
The United States carries a wide variety of cultures and languages. Because of this, a Spork, a neutral and universal object was chosen. A Spork is an unusual and intriguing object, which is exactly what the brand name “Curio” represents. The brand name and packaging design were developed simultaneously in order to create a harmonious relatonship in terms of size and simplicity in design. Many mockups were explored until a final, self-closing, no glue, design was developed.
The cardboard-constructed design includes hand-rendered drawing as well as a short description that is translated in two languages. Everything on the cardboard was screen-printed using Black plastisol ink. Due to the small design footprint it was possible to print multiples of this packaging in a single sheet of cirrugated cardboard, thus making it easy to mass produce if needed.
This project was assigned at San Diego State University in Art 450 (Packaging Design).
Designed by: Jonathan Villamar, USA.

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