Brief: Find a product category with traditionally unaccessible packaging and redesign it to make it sustainable and easier to use.
Traditional USB packaging is difficult to open, hard to recycle and is generally wasteful. I decided to create a new concept that increases its sustainability and accessibility in a clever way.
The hinged lid, seen here in prototype form, is 3D printed with PLA plastic – which is entirely compostable and reusable.
It’s also the world’s first super-secure USB keyring. The part functions as a secure carrying case by latching onto the two holes inside every memory stick.
This project was my first utilising 3D modelling and printing technology.
Designed by: Sam Mularczyk, Australia.
Pulse USB
Pulse USB2
Pulse USB3
Pulse USB4
Pulse USB5
Pulse USB6

Pulse USB

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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