Designed by: Fabula Branding, Belarus.


The LeCrustie (Le Crunchier) trademark developed by Fabula Branding has already gained popularity in Belarus and Russia. Because of that, the customer decided to expand the range of products manufactured under it.

This time we had to launch a range of pretzels in the market. The new package design had to distinguish the product among its competitors but at the same time ti stay in line with other elements of the trade mark.

Currently, the range has three positions: pretzels with poppy seed, vanilla, and the surprising mustard taste. This gave us an idea of an unusual food zone showing the distinctive features of the brand, which is not typical for this type of products. Another peculiarity of the design solution is the cut-out window on the package shaped like a pretzel. Through it a customer can see the product and check its quality.

The continuity of the trademark was preserved by keeping its constant image — a logo that is an allusion to a French patisserie. The reference is enforced by the stripped bakery-like pattern that helps differentiate the products by their taste.











Crunchy Package for the LeCrustie Pretzels Product Line

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