When a rogue crew of 9 brewers came together and created the finest beers known to man, they turned to Curious to bring their vision to life.
Thus Crafty Beggars was born.
The understated packaging design reflects all of the values of this ‘rogue council of brewers’-honesty, a sense of humour and a desire to make a craft beer that you can actually drink! But don’t just take our word for that, crack open a Wheat As, Good as Gold or a Pale & Interesting-and do your tastebuds a favour.
They’re crafty, but not too crafty.
Designed by: Curious Design, New Zealand.
Crafty Beggars Crafty Beggars2 Crafty Beggars3 Crafty Beggars4

Crafty Beggars

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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