Cortaditos are a family owned business who are completely committed to understanding what makes great coffee. The journey started in 1976 in Little Havana in Miami, Florida. Blending rich coffee beans from the villages in Cuba and discovering their very own unique style of coffee. Cuban coffee has a taste like no other; intense and sweet in flavour are characteristics associated with Cortaditos coffee beans.
The Brand
The brand refresh rolled out unveiling a simplified identity. The client felt it was time to make the brand more defined and modern. Using flat colour and clean lines, the new logo has all the ingredients of standing apart from other coffee brands on the supermarket shelves. The final goal was for the logo to be confident but humble. It is important to remember honest beginnings in Little Havana, but also having a logo that packs a punch to knockout the competitors.
The Packaging
The thought process behind the product packaging was to keep it pure, clean and simple. The packaging reinforces the handmade and authentic nature of Cortaditos.
Designed by: Taylor Evans, Australia.
Cortaditos Coffee Beans
Cortaditos Coffee Beans2
Cortaditos Coffee Beans3
Cortaditos Coffee Beans4
Cortaditos Coffee Beans5
Cortaditos Coffee Beans6
Cortaditos Coffee Beans7
Cortaditos Coffee Beans8
Cortaditos Coffee Beans9
Cortaditos Coffee Beans10
Cortaditos Coffee Beans11
Cortaditos Coffee Beans12
Cortaditos Coffee Beans13

Cortaditos Coffee Beans

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