Made for Life by Spiezia Organics is an amazing skincare company that uses all natural ingredients to help people feel beautiful inside and out. Their brand needed a refresh that really shouted about their values and look like the high quality, all natural brand that they are.
We looked at all visual elements of their brand and how we could amp up the excitement and energy. In making and using the products organic movement was key, so we produced an original piece of artwork based on the demijohns used in their product maceration process.
The illustration assets were created by referencing and directly using their organic botanicals to create printed elements within the artwork itself. This depicted the natural ingredients, the bright, positive energy of the brand and the hand done process of making their products.
These illustrations and colour palette were used as a bright, bold addition to the otherwise clean, simple, high end look we developed with them.
The overall rebrand considered beautifully vibrant packaging that included a striking range of boxes, glass bottles, pipettes, flannels, tins and even nail files.
Designed by: Kingdom & Sparrow, United Kingdom.
Made for Life
Made for Life2
Made for Life3
Made for Life4
Made for Life5
Made for Life6
Made for Life7
Made for Life8
Made for Life9
Made for Life10

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