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We developed the rebranding of Vita Essences by Susy Almeida for the renowned influencer with her new line of essences. This was only for the first scent “Descansa”. The redesign of its corporate identity of “VITA” is made by the need to have more empathy and impact with the target audience. With this new proposal, the brand is renewed and transmits a touch of personality and elegance more effectively. Now “VITA” has its own well-defined identity and style. With a structure based on harmony and perfection, emitting echoes of robustness and subtlety coexisting in the same scenario. ReBranding, Style Guides, Packaging, Social Media and Etiquette were created for the brand.

Using a primary figure such as the triangle as the basis for the isotype that represents harmony, perfection and wisdom. It represents 3 divine attributes: strength, beauty and wisdom, and represents the 3 kingdoms of nature; mineral, vegetable and animal.

Under this principle, the construction of the monogram that will be the banner of our brand was carried out. Merging the letter “S” (Susy) and “A” (Almeida) in a strategic way to create a compound “V” that represents the initial “V” of (VITA), the brand’s native name. The main typography for “VITA”, was inspired by a typeface that would transmit the style and strength we needed to properly project what we wanted to convey, the typography was strategically manipulated to provide better aesthetic touches and maintain consistency with the monogram. It is characterized by thick lines that represent the firmness, solidity and confidence that the brand offers; as well as thinner lines that show the harmony and tranquility that our products offer. Finally, we used a typography for the slogan that allows easy reading and has elegant and subtle finishes that harmonize and accompany the name of the identity with style.

We have launched as beta the essence “Rest” to be used by spraying it before sleeping in your room. With lavender essences it allows you to rest and sleep to the fullest and wake up rested.



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