La Mâche Nantaise was done in the framework of a workshop supervised by Sylvain Allard (pakcaging/uqam).
“Imagine it was an eco-packaging for a product representative of the city of Nantes in Nantes European Green Capital 2013.”

 “The lamb’s lettuce is a flagship product of the cultivated area in the basin of the Loire estuary in a centuries old tradition. Mache Culture now meets a set of standards and certifications that ensure its authenticity and quality. In addition to being a typical product of the area, mache lettuce represents 85% of national production. This product seemed to be a perfect ambassador for Nantes in 2013 as a European Green Capital. It meets criteria for both output (organic and locally grown) and for packaging. The packaging is a single folded sheet of thin plastic, recycled and recyclable, closed with a sticker to the top.

Finally, a base of waxed cardboard (to resist moisture) maintains the package structure. This provides a basic information carrier: outside, the history of the mache and inside a recipe. ”
Designed by Mahaut Clement, Paris
Concept: La Mâche Nantaise
Concept: La Mâche Nantaise
Concept: La Mâche Nantaise

Concept: La Mâche Nantaise

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