Designed by: Siegenthaler &Co, Colombia.


Chelarte is a craft beer from Bogotá. They are known for being non-traditional, with an original look and surprising flavors. They serve straight-foward beers that are easy to understand and drink. Having always been inspired by strong-figured women, each flavor is named after a female character and it’s labels show their fun and passionate personalities. These characters, joined by a color-coded system, make up the differentiation of each flavor. As the logo are the lips that symbolize the kiss one recieves from the beer.



Chelarte - Craft Beer2

Chelarte - Craft Beer3

Chelarte - Craft Beer4

Chelarte - Craft Beer5

Chelarte - Craft Beer6

Chelarte - Craft Beer7

Chelarte - Craft Beer8

Chelarte - Craft Beer9



Chelarte – Craft Beer

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