Founded in 1928, Charmin was a brand marketed towards women. The original packaging was not made of plastic like it is today, but had silhouettes of lace and a bust of a woman. Through the decades Charmin has created their brand mascot, The Charmin Bear and 
still continues to target women by using bright pastel colors.

For the brandshift project, I first decided to put the product in a box to reference the original packing, and explored patterns to reference lace as well as the product itself. I then, decided on a neutral typeface for the packing, and used shifts in line weight to signal the products absorbency rates.
Designed by: Tiffany Small, USA.
Charmin Brandshift
Charmin Brandshift2
Charmin Brandshift3
Charmin Brandshift4

Charmin Brandshift

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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