Design by: Gelpi Design

Mascletà is a signature beer based in Valencia made with natural and organic products. The beer is characterized by a tangerine color, with a white and consistent foam. The naming of the brand represents one of the most popular Valencian traditions: The Mascletà.
Due to the boom of artisan beers, our proposal consisted of making a design that was totally different from the rest of artisan beers in Spain, a design that differentiated the brand and communicated nostalgia and love of tradition among the local public.

Mascletà is fire, smoke, color and above all is love to tradition. All these concepts, as well as the authentic and characteristic taste of the beer, were the values that we wanted to communicate with the new design. On the packaging, we highlight the illustration in which a Mascletà is represented. The copper stamping details transmit the gourmet character of the beer.

Cerveza Mascletà

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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