For the first time rum was produced by a process of fermentation and distillation on a sugarcane plantations in XVII century. Slaves who worked on plantations found out that molasses (byproduct of sugar making) can ferment to alcohol. Following distillation of obtained alcohol product made it concentrate and helped to remove related substances, as a result was the first original rum.
The project was to develop series of labels for two sorts of rum – light rum «CaptainSilver» and dark rum «CaptainGold». Labels were designed for the client “Satir Club” – it’s a club-community that introduces high-quality, elite and collection alcohol beverages of the famous European manufacturers to its customers.
As a concept for label design we proposed vintage theme. Therefore the original shape of the label, background image, stylistic, engraving – whole content filling of the label says to the customer that it is a product with age-old tradition of production.
Design stylistic refers to the marine theme that is classic for rums. Here you can find an image with sailors that discharge a ship and see-shore with barrels and cargo. It should be noted that for both sorts of rum Gold and Silver we develop exclusive illustrations.
Label printing was performed on high-quality artistic paper using modern printing and post-printing technologies such as: embossing, silver and gold foil stamping and applying tactile varnish.
Label printing performed at printing house:Impaks (Riga, Latvia)
Designed by: 43’oz – Design Studio ., Alex Kodimsky, Moldova.
Photo: Kirill Zmurciuk
Gold and Silver
Gold and Silver2
Gold and Silver3
Gold and Silver4
Gold and Silver5
Gold and Silver6
Gold and Silver7
Gold and Silver8

Captain Silver

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