Designed by: Anh Nghiet Nguyen, Vietnam.

Packaging design for Nhà (means “Home” in Vietnamese) – a Vietnamese candied fruit Brand, including: Mứt Gừng – Soft dried Ginger, Mứt Khóm (Dứa) – Soft dried Pineapple and Mứt Sen – Candied Lotus Seeds. The concept is inspired by Vietnamese Mythology about God of Rain, God of the Sun and God of Wind, who take care of our nature and bring us a good life.

As Candied fruit is Vietnamese traditional food, I designed it with a willing to bring a traditional feeling and hope that it can be a meaningful gift set to Viet people, Viet people abroad and our foreign friends.



Candied 2

Candied 3

Candied 4

Candied 5

Candied 6

Candied 7

Candied 8

Candied 9

Candied 10

Candied 12

Candied 13

Candied 14

Candied 15

Candied 16

Candied 17

Candied 18

Candied 19



Candied Fruit Packaging – Nhà (Home)

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