The boxes for The Camden Watch Company watches had to reflect the watches themselves.
They had to represent the heritage of Camden; the Victorian railways, the stables, the canals, but also be modern and fun like the Camden of today.
Not a copy of vintage packaging.
Vintage packaging re-imagined.
The watches are housed in a black, hard cardboard box stamped in silver with The Camden Watch Company logo. That box is then placed inside an outer Kraft box, hand-stamped and labeled with the watch number and design explanation. The box also includes a guarantee card and a note.
If you buy online then you’ll also get your watch wrapped up in string and placed in a cardboard box with zig-zig Kraft shred.
Designed by: Anneke Short, United Kingdom.
The Camden Watch Company
The Camden Watch Company2
The Camden Watch Company3
The Camden Watch Company4
The Camden Watch Company5
The Camden Watch Company6
The Camden Watch Company7
The Camden Watch Company8
The Camden Watch Company9

The Camden Watch Company Packaging

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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