Student Goldpack Competition

Brief: To design packaging for a “ready to drink” coffee drink.

Each flavour of coffee is themed by a different character. Café Macabre comes in four different flavours: original, vanilla, mocha choca and caramel, accompanied by a variety of biscuits to ensure different flavour combinations. These biscuits are sealed off above the cup by an airtight, clear dome, which also adds protection to the biscuit.

The design of this product is eye catching and creates excitement. The bright colours are visually appealing, while the different characters add a fun element and contribute to the ‘macabre’ theme. The product is designed to represent the body and face of the character, with the biscuit as its brain. The design has an offbeat humour to it, especially referring to the knife-shaped ‘spoon’.
Designed by: Anke Weyers ,  South Africa.
Café Macabre
Café Macabre2
Café Macabre3
Café Macabre4
Café Macabre5
Café Macabre6

Café Macabre

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