Joffrey’s Coffee Branding
Joffrey’s is a small craft tampa coffee company. They offer almost over 100 types of coffees and teas. When they became the coffee provider for Disney they thought it was time for a brand refresh. We decided for go for a light hearted, whimsical, and colorful approach with the brand. I created the package designs and the label templates, then i started looking for some tallented illustrators to create the characters and personalities of every single label to represent the flavor profile. In this process I was able to work with some of my favorite artist and some of the best illustrators in the world. They put a ton of work into the characters and I feel we made some great work and some great friendships out of it.
Charlie Davis – London
Menze Kwint – Netherlands
Steve Simpson – Ireland
Gwen Keraval – France
Christian Turdera – Argentina
Christian Kunze – US
Thomas Burns – US
Designed by: Grant Gunderson, USA.
Joffrey's Coffee
Joffrey's Coffee2
Joffrey's Coffee3
Joffrey's Coffee4
Joffrey's Coffee5
Joffrey's Coffee6
Joffrey's Coffee7
Joffrey's Coffee8
Joffrey's Coffee9
Joffrey's Coffee10
Joffrey's Coffee11
Joffrey's Coffee12
Joffrey's Coffee13
Joffrey's Coffee14
Joffrey's Coffee15

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