Back home, in Alabama, a family friend approached me to brand his brewery, Burnt Bridge. Burnt Bridge is all about quality, hand-crafted, local beer.
“In a small college town, three men met, each with a passion for brewing. With their heads full of dreams, they made a life changing decision. Lead by a thirst for quality craft beer, they began a new adventure. To improve is to change, so to perfect is to change often. Sometimes, in order to go forward, you must make it where you cannot go back. Burn your Bridge. No Turning Back.”
“No Turning Back” would serve as a tag line to represent how sometimes the best decisions can only be made by looking forward. With this story about the brewery’s origins, and the overall feel for the company, I developed a logo, beer labels, and packaging.
Designed by: Rachel Warner, USA.
Burnt Bridge Brewing Co.
Burnt Bridge Brewing Co.2
Burnt Bridge Brewing Co.3
Burnt Bridge Brewing Co.5
Burnt Bridge Brewing Co.7
Burnt Bridge Brewing Co.9

Burnt Bridge Brewing Co.

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