The objective of the brief is to brand a new bakery/bistro called Big Buns located on Beaufort St in Mount Lawley. This includes designing the logo and various brand signatures, the interior and exterior signage, a menu, business and loyalty card, pricing tag, promotional flyer, and packaging designs (wrapping paper, sticker, takeaway bag).
It has been emphasised that the design must be consistent across all applications, whilst reflecting Big Buns as a hipster bakery that serves as the new hangout place for younger generation. The name itself projects a fun, quirky and contemporary image of the brand. They want to incorporate pop culture and modern slang into their branding to specifically target the younger market. Those who appreciates good food, good company and a bloody good joke.
Designed by: Monica Widjajana, Australia.
Big Buns
Big Buns2
Big Buns3
Big Buns4
Big Buns5
Big Buns6
Big Buns7
Big Buns8
Big Buns9
Big Buns10

Big Buns // Bakery & Bistro

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