Agency: ARMBRAND Studio
Additional: Lesha Limonov, Oleg Zaharevich



We created design for the small batch of ultra-premium single malt vodka produced in Altai mountain region.

A turquoise bottle of tinted glass with a thick bottom and a glass closure seems to be peeled out mountain ice. It’s wrapped up the innovative label with a shape of the legendary Belukha mountain. The original cut, as a mountain river running from its glacier, attracts special attention when perspective is changing.

Unique TM typography with is in tune with the drawing. Personal illustration, made in gravure style, creates a rich craft image that allows to show the product characteristics from an emotional point of view. Great variety of interesting details motivates to take an attentive watching: there’s told the legend of a hawk, deer and cedar who were looking for the best place on earth and found it in Altai mountings. Premium velvety «wine» paper, multi-level hot stamping, matte embossing and a contrasting combination of materials adds premium status. Translucent gift box with a bottle silhouette inside makes an intriguing mystery and creates added value.

As a result, there’s an attractive status image of a high-quality product made in Altai.




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