BANH DE VIE a hypothetical family-owned bakery started in 2000 in Saigon, Vietnam that specializes in vietnamese-style french baguette, famously known as “banh mi.” In 2012, Banh de Vie opened their first American store front in San Francisco, California. The family continues to use traditional techniques to handcraft artisanal breads while infusing modern culture through experimentation of different ingredients. Baguettes are made in small batches on a daily basis to ensure that every bite feels and taste like the first.

Group Project: Karen Nguyen, Kim Inthirath, Lizzethe Barcenas, Tom Huynh



Banh de Vie

Banh de Vie2

Banh de Vie3

Banh de Vie4

Banh de Vie5

Banh de Vie6

Banh de Vie7

Banh de Vie8

Banh de Vie9

Banh de Vie10


Banh de Vie

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