Bähncke is the taste of childhood memories, long summer nights, festivals, and good times next to the BBQ. The 160-year-old company(!) is best known for its crispy fried onions and their range of mustard, yet, their portfolio is so much more. Just about every Dane has at least one of their products in their fridge, and today Bähncke offers a cold sauce for every occasion. Still, it wasn’t until Bähncke & Scandinavian design agency EVERLAND had the good fortune to reposition and redesign their range, we realised just how Danish and democratic these cold sauces really are.

Proud to be Bähncke.
Bähncke is a fast-food brand, and they proudly stand by it. The leading position in the category comes from a wide selection and chefs nurturing and balancing every single product. To highlight this, their iconic chef is shown on every label with a classic blackboard background, while the product name is carefully written in informal cursive letters. It’s almost like you write the name using the product itself, which gives it a lot of taste appeal.

“Every single taste is a tribute to a specific meal. It’s about respecting the food, the meal, and the occasion by exceeding expectations. It really comes down to fine dining at the street corner. EVERLAND has been true to our origin in the revised design. We are impressed and pleased.”
– Nya Calmer, Senior Brand Manager, Bähncke

Something for Everyone.
There is a fine balance between being high quality and being trustworthy in the Danish street kitchen culture. But the sheer joy, pride and craftsmanship put into every single product speaks for itself. The taste is like no other, the energy is good, and every Dane can vouch that Bähncke is an essential part of your cafeteria meal or fast food experience. Strong colours celebrate diversity while giving natural food appeal, and we make it easy for the consumer to have a favourite. Even though the sole focus is on taste, it’s worth mentioning that all tubes are from recyclable plastic. You have no excuses when choosing your cold sauce, and that’s also why everyone’s got a favourite – or like the motto goes; No meal without Bähncke.


Bähncke Redesign

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