FEBRUARY 2013 | The packaging for this Red Flanders Ale beer was catered towards wine connoisseurs who would be interested in trying beer. The beer is bottled in Silverlake, CA, so the labels are letterpressed and pasted on a matted black bottle to give it a hipster feel. The gift box to store the bottle is made of red oak with a raffia bedding to keep the bottle from any damage. The lid slides out with a laser cut window in the shape of a snifter cup that makes it easy to view the label and acts as a handle to pull the lid off too. 
Designed by: Sunny Nguyen, USA.
Avant Red Flanders Ale
Avant Red Flanders Ale2
Avant Red Flanders Ale3
Avant Red Flanders Ale4
Avant Red Flanders Ale5
Avant Red Flanders Ale6

Avant Red Flanders Ale

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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