Hovelsrud Jam & Juice
Hovelsrud is a grand 17th century Norwegian farm superbly located on the heart-shaped island of Helgøya, sitting in Mjøsa lake outside of Oslo. The house has been tastefully turned into a conference facility and eight-room guesthouse.
In 2011 Scandinavian Design Group created the identity for Hovelsrud, which plays with the sumptuous interior of heavily-decorated wallpapers wrapped in a simple pink wooden exterior.
The gardens produce delicious fruits and berries. The rich pattern of the wallpaper from the identity is taken into the seal-labels on the juice and on the top lids of the jams. The labels features the Hovelsrud logo, echoing the plan of the award-winning Renaissance-style gardens.
Designed by: Gøril Torske, Mission Design Norway.
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice2
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice3
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice4
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice5
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice6
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice7
Hovelsrud Jam & Juice8

Hovelsrud Jam & Juice

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