Atlas Brew Works, a craft brewery in Washington D.C., needed to develop a brand that would attract the attention of distributors and beer enthusiasts. The DC craft brewery industry is vastly expanding so Atlas needed its identity to stand out amongst competitors and show the true personality behind the brand.
Atlas Brew Works had an existing logo in place with a “steam punk” theme, but needed the design to evolve so that it could be more effectively applied to all deliverables needed as well as tell a compelling story. Bates Creative took Atlas’ existing logo to the drawing board and re-imagined the entire brand while keeping in mind the “steam punk” theme.
The brand concept is focused on custom illustrated objects that are single color, highly detailed vector designs that represent the steam punk theme but are also associated with the larger story of the Atlas brand and the brewery’s specific collection of craft beers. The brand identity showcases a merging of science, culture and community that comes together and tells the stories in an unmatched art at every touch point: packaging, promotional materials, limited edition posters, tap handles and coasters.
Designed by Bates Creative , D.C., United States
Creative Director: Erik Hansen,  Bates Creative
Art Director: Darryl Sebro,  Bates Creative
Designer: Gretchen Cobaugh,  Bates Creative
Justin Cox, CEO, Atlas Brew Works 
Atlas Brew Works
Atlas Brew Works2
Atlas Brew Works3
Atlas Brew Works4
Atlas Brew Works5

Atlas Brew Works

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