Designed by: brandon agency

Our company was challenged to create unique packaging. After research and brainstorming, Brandon decided to target children. The challenge was to create amemorable production, that children will love.
We chose the name Apache, which derives from Native American tribe’s name. Inspired bythe handmade wooden masks of the Apache tribe we created 4 characters.During creating character, we used crackers as the base instead of the wood and used the appropriate illustrations. Each character represents a certain emotion according to its taste,but at the same time they have a similarity in their feathers.
Brandon worked not only on the branding, but also on the development of the marketing strategy and the entrance of the new product to the market.
Apache is loved and demanded in the market. Following the success of the crackers, the company started producing Apache Sticks, Apache Sunflower Seeds and Apache Chips.


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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