We need to know, direct smoking or indirect smoking are equally harmful. To young children, secondhand smoke can cause sudden death syndrome in infants, respiratory diseases, ear infections, asthma, slow the development of lungs functions, mental retardation … Many medical study show that children under 6 age living in families with smokers develop 40% of respiratory illnesses more than children live in families without smokers. Some children also have 70 times higher risk of asthma compared to children who live in smoke-free environments. Yet every day, every hour so many children around the world still have to inhale other people’s smoke.
As a small campaign in a big fight for the Prevention of smoking, I create a package design based on cigarette packages which are being sold on the market, I want to send a message to people who are smoking cigarettes.
THE FUTURE is where our children live
It is very easy to open the box, but as soon as mokers do that, they have switched from indirectly to directly ruin the future of their children, everything good outside will illustrate the things inside.
Designed by: Thanh Nguyen, Vietnam.

Anti Smoking Cigarette Package (Concept)

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