ASSIGNMENT: The brief was simple – to create a new identity and packaging for Arton56, Åbros new light premium lager. Arton56 is a distinctly and modern summer stock and the entire identity could breathe easy, crisp, and bright days without, on that account lose its coveted premium segmentation. DESIGN: To balance right between stock and easy to drink premium product we chose to work with heraldry and classic materials combined with a hand painted typography and an transparent allocations. Which, together with a modern color, created a product that exudes both soft summer and lazy days that the good life everyday.
Designed by: Martin Hummel-Gradén, Sweden.
Åbro Arton 56
Åbro Arton 562
Åbro Arton 563
Åbro Arton 564
Åbro Arton 565

Åbro Arton 56

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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