Following their mandate of giving handcrafted products from local producers, Goods & Services sourced the syrup from Matthews Maple Syrup, a family-owned farm in Powassan, Ontario to produce a holiday gift for their clients. Ranging from light to medium to amber, each of the syrups was custom bottled and labeled with names that reflect an aspect of Canadiana: light like the song of a voyageur (light), smooth like the shot of a hockey player (medium), and strong like the arms of a lumberjack (amber).

Continuing the theme of Canadiana, all three syrups are nestled inside a bright red, specially designed box, with a subtle pattern of iconic images from a Canadian winter, as well as an homage to maple syrup, written in the style of Canada’s national anthem. Each bottle sits snugly inside its own slot in the custom-made box, held in place by the box’s label.

Designed by: Goods & ServicesCanada.
Creative Director: Carey George
Creative Director, Editorial: Sue McCluskey
Designer/Design Manager: Ryan Booth
Designer:  Christian Blau
Writers: Chris Beard & Kelley Doris
Project Manager: Kori Garcia
Printer: Flash Reproductions
Syrup Packaging
Syrup Packaging2
Syrup Packaging3
Syrup Packaging4
Syrup Packaging5
Syrup Packaging6

2013 Holiday Syrup Packaging

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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