“El Tinieblo” is a premium artisan mezcal of Mexican origin that is distributed internationally. The brand has also been extended to a restaurant, inspired by the cultural and historical richness of the mezcal tradition. The naming for “El Tinieblo” emerges from a land property in Tamaulipas, México whose stories and legends give the brand its personality, positioning the mezcal as traditional yet unconventional and young spirited.

Our branding proposal implements an icon that references the white-tailed deer found in the region, thus adopting the brand’s origins to complement the rest of the brand with a mysteriously dark sensation that maintains elegance and a modern contrast.

The bottle redesign takes the traditional context of artisan mezcal and reflects it through small gestures of classic labels that are reinterpreted in a contemporary style, such interpretation is reinforced with a classic emboss of the brand’s icon placed on the bottle’s front. “El Tinieblo’s” foundations are irrevocably heightened with the purpose of preparing this emerging brand for the international market.

Designed by: Anagrama, Mexico.


El Tinieblo

El Tinieblo2

El Tinieblo3

El Tinieblo4

El Tinieblo5

El Tinieblo6

El Tinieblo7

El Tinieblo8

El Tinieblo9

El Tinieblo10

El Tinieblo11

El Tinieblo12

El Tinieblo

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