Zen Travel is a conceptual travel agency rooted in minimalism. Zen Travel comprises an international airline, a line of hotels, and their own line of products within these facilities. Zen Travel guarantees simple, straightforward services, and products that are kind to both the environment and the body. As a result, travelers don’t need to worry about which airline and hotel to choose, or what to expect from their choices, since Zen provides all of these accommodations.
Zen Travel emphasizes simplicity through minimalist design. When travel is simplified, more space is created, both literally and psychologically. This space allows travelers to live in the moment, fully enjoy their traveling experience, and take home lasting memories.
As someone who naturally gravitates towards minimalism, I saw Zen Travel as the perfect opportunity to aesthetically express myself. I believe minimalism is beautiful and resonates with something deep inside of myself. I think minimalism has the power to transform how we perceive the world’s complexities. And I think it can lead us towards a happier well-being.
Designed by: Lauren O’Brien, NY, USA.
Zen Travel
Zen Travel3
Zen Travel4
Zen Travel5
Zen Travel6
Zen Travel7
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Zen Travel

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