YUMEOW is a packaging for cat snacks that is specially designed to fulfill the needs. There are a couple of things I focused on when I was making it.
First, unlike any other regular pet snacks box with graphic design, this packaging can be easily set up after feeding your pet. You can keep the leftover snacks while ensuring its freshness.
In addition, both the top and bottom are flat, so they can be neatly stacked together.
Lastly, YUMEOW is a packaging that demonstrates sustainaibility. Since I have designed it to be cat-shaped containers from paper, it is not only recyclable, but can also be reused as a decorative and collectible containers for desk tops. Thus, providing consumers a special and joyful experience.
Designed by: Dongwon Choi, South Korea, Seoul.
Cat snacks
Cat snacks2
Cat snacks3
Cat snacks4
Cat snacks5
Cat snacks6
Cat snacks7
Cat snacks8

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