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Given the task of transforming water drinking from a boring routine to an exciting and flavorful experience, a new health beverage was created to perfectly materialize the simple concept of infused water, a concept that draws all its characteristics from the natural dried fruit that mother earth provides.

What we were called to do was to build a brand that communicates clearly the concept of infused water and what it represents. Well being, vitality, refreshment and rejuvenation acted as keywords and were placed at the core of the strategic development of the brand.

The first step to the realization of the project was the naming of the brand; Yabloom! The sound one makes when they dive underwater (“splash” in English, “bloom” in Greek). The simple, yet spot on name, clearly communicates refreshment and a feeling of rejuvenation and vitality. In the meanwhile it is tightly tied to the product, since it makes the same sound when it is submerged underwater.

The packaging design communicates the simplicity of preparing a flavored water beverage, along with the core values the brand represents. Colorful vector illustrations interweave with one another, submerge underwater, and compose an image that describes wellness and refreshment in the most youthful way. The color palette comes into play to complement the entire composition in a manner that reinforces the values described in the strategic planning of the brand’s identity. Additionally, the vivid colors communicate the fruity flavor, which characterizes the end product; Infused water.



Yabloom – Infused Water

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