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Each nation has its own culture of food consumption. Ukraine is used to cooking a lot. But the pace of life is accelerating – and now fast food offers a variety of alternatives. WOW Food decided to spread the culture of healthy snacks with instant porridge.
In the concept of WOW Food – the joy of nutritious food that does not cause pangs of conscience, and 9 different flavors for everyone.
Instant porridge is becoming a useful alternative to hot dogs and burgers. This is a whole culture of consuming a natural product, after which you say “wow”.
We needed to earn the trust of customers and talk about the benefits of the product. We have created a bright and stylish package that invites you to have a snack right now. In design, this was conveyed by the idea of “You see a spoon – take and eat.” Our designers have depicted on the package the advantages of a natural finished product: the absence of GMOs, dyes and flavor enhancers, as well as cooking in 5 minutes.
For the color code, we chose trendy shades of bright colors, which associatively resonates with the taste of the product and highlight the offer on the shelf.


Wow Food Porridge

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