A stone. A symbol for aggression, strength and energy. As times have evolved, so have his weapons. But not his inspiration. Man has been driven by stone, but not limited by it. It is this primal instinct to seek that drives man till date. And his best accompaniment is not just
a stone, it’s Wild Stone.
Grandmother India Design Pvt. Ltd.
Taking from a stone, by using random shapes to create a special grid of its own, the packaging breaks conventions of existing packaging design. Using dominating colours that sync in harmony, it is a perfect blend of aggression fused with rationale, just like the Wild Stone man.
Designed by: Hiren Dedhia, India.
Wildstone Deo's
Wildstone Deo's3
Wildstone Deo's4
Wildstone Deo's5
Wildstone Deo's6
Wildstone Deo's7

Wildstone Deo's

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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