Celebrating 400 years of family history bonded to winemaking in the Douro Valley, even since before the name Port Wine was used for the first time, the VZ 15 Generations is the new wine of Van Zellers and Co., released in 2015, that exalts the wisdom of 15 generations that keep on building the Van Zeller wine legacy.

In a distinct purple colour and beautiful golden stamping, this refined package conveys the grandiosity of this wine and its heritage. Taking a closer look inside, each case offers not only two exquisit VZ bottles, but also an insight to the
Van Zeller family history, that explains the oneness of this wine.

Designed by: Rita Rivotti, Portugal.


VZ 15

VZ 152

VZ 153

VZ 154

VZ 155

VZ 156



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Featured on Package Inspiration
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