A new range of six wines for Vegamar where you can find guessed spots that change color according to the variety of grape.

Spots are done with the hands to symbolize the whole process of production of a wine in all its stages.

The hand lines save a similarity with the vineyard aligns which are looked after by the vine-grower who takes care of it all the year through with enormous work and sacrifice. The enologist’s hands turn all of this work into wine.

The starting point began on the simple fact of holding a bottle. Since then, beautiful things came up. Finally, a strong but simple image was developed and easy to be remembered by the final consumer.

Designed by: Estudio Pedro González, Spain.


Vegamar Selección

Vegamar Selección2



Vegamar Selección5

Vegamar Selección6

Vegamar Selección7

Vegamar Selección8

Vegamar Selección9

Vegamar Selección10

Vegamar Selección11

Vegamar Selección12

Vegamar Selección13

Vegamar Selección14

Vegamar Selección15




Vegamar Selección

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