Designed by: Fabula Branding, Belarus.

As a part of charitable work, Fabula Branding agency has developed the identity for “Troitsky Fest”, the Christian cultural festival held in Minsk, to celebrate the arrival of the church of Saint Nicholas of Japan.
“Troitskiy Fest” (in Russian) is a festival of Christian culture to honor the Trinity holiday, which is celebrated annually between end of spring and beginning of summer. The learning classes, dances and musical performances are held during the festival.
The goal of identity development is to bring the holiday closer to people and give it a modern, up-to-date image.
The logo in the form of a wreath made from the tree branches and a plant like pattern became symbols of summer, warmth, blossoming of nature and soul. At the same time, the identity reflects the traditional and religious ways of Trinity celebration: birch weaving, branch decoration of churches and houses and wreaths making.
The shape of the circle used in the logo causes associations with traditional fun of dancing that emphasizes the cheerful emotional spirit of the festival.
The shamrock clover explains the spiritual essence of the holiday: it is an ancient Christian symbol of the Holy Trinity.
The “Holiday of Unity” acting as a status line reflects the main goal of the event – to unite people on the level of universal values and give reason to the participants to spend more time with friends and family.
Thus, the developed identity retains a semantic connection with the Christian holiday, yet remains understandable and dear to a large number of people.


Troitsky Fest











Troitsky Fest

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